In the beginning it was the verb ... then the great expansion.

At first it was the light, then the shadows came ... and that was good, because out of the shadows the doubts arose and with the doubts came the answers.

Symplexia and the Philosopher's Stone

If we consider Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we could say that the founding members of Symplexia are comfortably seated at the top of the Pyramid, admiring the sunset through the distorted lenses of a glass of wine. It was in this comfortable context of socio-emotional reflection that the first impulses of innovative entrepreneurship emerged. We wanted to develop a project that made use of the group's extensive accumulated experience and that, as far as possible, represented something truly innovative.

Thus, the inevitable questions arose: How to innovate in the current market? How to develop a Culture of Innovation? How to follow market trends? How to generate new market trends? How to identify disruptive products and services? In the wake of these unanswered questions is that the concept of Symplexy began to take shape and raised the structural question of our approach: Why not create a company to "Explore Ideas"?

We understand that, in a world whose vocation is permanent transformation, great ideas emerge at any moment and everywhere, many of which are wasted, whether through inaction, lack of conviction or because of a nonexistent or limited investment capacity. So why not try to save these ideas, try to understand them and, if they are really promising, turn them into business opportunities?

Thus, Symplexia appears, a company with an embryonic process of ideas mining that encompasses the research, exploration, extraction and processing of raw ideas that were abandoned, wasted or unused in the shifting terrain of digital transformations.