Privacy Policy

Symplexia, through this document, makes clear the way in which it will collect, use, store and process the data of its Users. In accordance with Brazilian law, Symplexia follows the parameters contained in Law No. 12.965 / 2014, on the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, in Law No. 13.709 / 2018, on the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD), and in the Regulation EU No. 2016/679, on the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

This Privacy Policy has 13 terms and conditions, described below.

Who We Are

Symplexia Laboratory for Prospecting and Experimenting of New Ideas, is a company that seeks revolutionary ideas to turn them into business. By simplifying the process of validating and experimenting those new ideas, Symplexia seeks to create innovative products and services companies.

How the Privacy Policy Applies

Symplexia's Privacy Policy applies to all of our services performed and offered.

By using or registering on the Symplexia website (, the user is agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, and also to the Terms of Use and Cookie Policies, found at our Compliance Center.

Information Collected

To use our services, when you register on our website, you will be enabling us to collect some of your information. Depending on the service, different information may be collected, including:

• Personal Information - When registering on the site, the user will enter: Full Name, Username, E-mail and Password. With the progression of the user's association, new information may be required: Telephone, Date of Birth, Address, Social Security Card, Photo, Credit Card and / or Bank Data, Education.

• Scanned Documents - Depending on the user's participation, digitalized versions of documents may be requested to verify the accuracity of previously requested information.

• Website Usage Information - All information related to your activities and interactions through the Symplexia website, such as: IP Address, Browser Used, Articles Read, Pages Visited, among others.

• Realized Communications - All kind of communication carried out for us, such as: Questions, Comments, Problems, Articles Created. Also, communications carried out between users through our website, such as: Private Messages, Forum Posts, Evaluations.

• Projects - All information related to the Projects created on the Symplexia website, such as: Participants, Processes, Steps, Deadlines, Contributions.

• Third Party Information - If you have registered through your Facebook account, Symplexia is allowed to access your name, profile picture and friends list (all of these permissions are operated by the Facebook Privacy Policy and can be changed in your Facebook privacy settings). We never post anything without your permission.

The user has the option of not sharing some of his information with Symplexia, however, this will limit his access to the various functionalities and services offered.

Use of Information

All information collected is used for the following purposes:

  • Keep our website protected, preventing fraud and abuse;
  • Allow our proposed Service to be performed;
  • Create an environment conducive to the development of ideas;
  • Customize the experience of our users;
  • Analyze the use of our Services, so that we can continuously improve our performance.

Information Collection

For the collection of information, in addition to registering on the website, Symplexia will use Cookies and other data collection technologies. For more information, read our Cookie Policy.

If the user accesses Symplexia through a third party service (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc.), we may collect some information from your profile on the social network. For more information access the privacy policies and terms of use on the website of your social network. If you are not interested in sharing your profile information with Symplexia on the social network, register without using the service of these third parties.

Shared Information

The information collected is shared in the following ways:

• Users - Other users may have access to their basic data (Username, Full Name, E-mail). They will also be able to access your posts in our Forum, your contribution to our Projects, your participation in our Groups and blog posts.

• Service Providers - Outsourcing companies that provide services to improve or facilitate the operations carried out by Symplexia, such as: means of payment services, payment management, customer service management, validation of informed personal and business data, among others, as per the necessity. Service Providers are responsible for how they handle your information in accordance with their Privacy Policies.

• Partners - The various Projects created at Symplexia may attract investors, and they may have access to the data of users participating in a given Project.

• New Owner / Partner - In the case of a total or partial purchase of Symplexia, or the insertion of a new Partner, we may transfer / share your information to the new owner / partner.

• Authorities - In order to resolve legal issues, as needed, we will share information in good faith with law enforcement authorities or in response to a legal request, seeking to assist in resolving legal issues that concern: prevention of fraud or abuse, misuse of our Services, breaches of the Terms and Policies, protection of intellectual property rights, among others.

Users' Rights

The Symplexia user has the following rights, according to the Data Protection Laws:

• Confirm and Access - It is the user's right to obtain from Symplexia the confirmation that their personal data are being processed or not and, if that is the case, the right to access their personal data.

• Rectify - The user can request, without undue delay, the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him.

• Request Data Elimination - The user can make a request to have his data deleted from the website.

• Limit the Treatment of Data - The user can limit the treatment of his personal data, when he disputes the accuracy of the data, when the treatment is illegal, when Symplexia no longer needs the data for the proposed purposes and in the case of unnecessary data processing.

• Oppose - The user, at any time, can oppose for reasons related to their particular situation, the treatment of their personal data, and may also oppose the use of them to define the marketing profile.

• Data Portability - The user can request the receipt of his personal data that he has provided to Symplexia, in a structured format, in current use and automatic reading, and the right to transmit this data to third parties.

• Not to submit to automated decisions - It is the user's right not to be subject to any decision taken exclusively on the basis of automated data processing, including the definition of a profile, which has an effect on its legal sphere or which significantly affects him in a similar way.

Thus, if the user wants to request access, rectification, elimination, use restriction or oppose the processing of his information previously provided to us, or, if he wants a digital copy of his information, he may exercise these rights through written communication sent to Symplexia at

For security reasons, we will need to confirm your identity before we can implement your request. And as soon as possible, we will comply with your request, in accordance with applicable law.

Even after requesting, it is still possible for certain data to be kept for record keeping and / or completion of projects started before the request for change or deletion. Also, there may be some type of data that will limit access to the user for legal, security or other reasons.

Finally, the user will be able to change his basic information, delete his account, as well as change the communication options he will receive by email (About his Projects, Forum Topics, Private Messages, Mail Marketing, among others), in the interface “Associated” in the account settings, when connecting on the Symplexia website. The user will be informed in case of alteration or deletion of his data.

Protection of Information

The protection of your information is of great importance to us. Symplexia promotes the protection of information through the application of technical, administrative and organizational measures, which are able to protect against unauthorized access and against situations where there is a risk of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination of such information.

However, Symplexia disclaims liability for the sole fault of a third party, such as in the event of an attack by hackers or crackers, or the exclusive fault of the user, such as in the case where it itself transfers its data to a third party. In addition, we undertake to notify the user, within the appropriate timeframe, in the event of any breach of the security of your personal information that may pose a high risk to your personal rights and freedoms.

Finally, we are committed to treating the user's personal information with security, integrity and confidentiality, within the legal limits.

Information Retention Period

Our users' information will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the objectives described in this Privacy Policy, with the possibility of extending the retention period to meet legal demands. Thus, the information will be retained as long as the user uses our services and to comply with legal or regulatory obligations by the controller.

International Information Transfer

The information stored by Symplexia can be processed on servers located outside Brazil, as we have servers in other countries. Each country has different data protection laws, offering different levels of protection, however, according to our Privacy Policy, we apply the same level of protection to everyone.

If there are formal written complaints about our information transfer process, we will seek to respond directly to the applicant. If it is not possible to resolve the complaint with the applicant, we will resolve the complaint with the competent data protection authorities.


Users under the age of majority in their locality will not be able to use Symplexia services without due authorization from their legal guardian. In addition, Symplexia does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13, and they are not allowed to register on our website or use our services.

If it is identified that users, within the specifications above, are using our services, we will take the necessary measures to eliminate all information related to them.

If you identify any user who should not be at Symplexia, please contact us at, so that we can take appropriate action.

Competent Forum

Any disputes or controversies arising from any acts practiced in the context of the use of Symplexia services by users, including in relation to non-compliance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or for the violation of the rights of Symplexia, other Users and / or third parties, including intellectual property, confidentiality and personality rights, will be processed in the Brasília / Federal District/ Brazil.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Symplexia reserves the right to modify, at any time on the website, the Privacy Policies, especially to adapt them to Symplexia's evolution, either by making new features available, or by eliminating or altering existing ones.

The user will be explicitly notified in the event of a change to this policy, via the E-mail provided or by means of flashy posting on our Site and / or social networks.

When using the site after any modifications, the user demonstrates his agreement with the new Privacy Policies. If you disagree with any of the changes, you should immediately request the cancellation of your account and submit your reservation or dissatisfaction to the customer service at

The current version of this Privacy Policy was last updated on: 30/01/2020.

Contact Information

Questions about the Privacy Policy should be sent to us at